1st July Canada day specials - "A mari usque ad mare "
23/06/2021 10:22 in News

Ist July is Canada day. To all our Canadian listeners and friends we wish you a day of joy and celebration.

Le 1er juillet est la fête du Canada. À tous nos auditeurs et amis Canadiens, nous vous souhaitons une journée de joie et de célébration.

Walter Scott James has sent us a special set of programs for the celebration.

A 2 hour special RNR BANDSTAND for CANADA DAY! On top of that, we have pulled my old show that Walter did for years called THE OLD SCHOOL DANCE and have a CANADA DAY SPECIAL SHOW -

Times UK:-

Rock n' Roll Bandstand - 05:00 -07:00

The old School Dance Show - 09:00 - 11:00

Canada Day Special - 17:00 -19:00


Our regular Canadian shows will be on "Indie Music Women" and "Canadian Indie Country Count Down - Top 50" at their usual times.

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