Alberto hangs up his saddle
01/02/2022 12:51 in News

Bluemoon Kentucky (Fridays at 02:00, 10:00 and 16:00 UK time), is nearing the end of the trail. Here is a message from the presenter Alberto Basarte.

Translated from the original Spanish

"Very good friends, I am sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but due to unforeseen events in my private life, I have to stop doing the program, every day I have less time and I need the afternoons to play sports and strengthen my lower back, which I have enough touched, I think that sitting all morning in the office and then in the afternoon the same thing at home to put on the weekly program without missing the appointment punctually for almost 8 years, has taken its toll on me.

The last issue will be this Sunday, February 6, issue number 290 that I will send you this Friday.

I'm really sorry for any inconvenience this may cause you and at the same time I want to thank you for your support and your courtesy towards Blue Moon Kentucky with the inclusion in your radio schedule, it really has been a pleasure and a pride to be part of it.

In case you are interested in continuing to have a weekly program dedicated to country music, I'll give you the contact of a person who can do it.

This is Mariví Yubero, a partner on the radio that we launched eight years ago, she has a weekly program called BLOWIN' IN THE AMERIPOLITAN WINDS, know that she has been nominated for best DJ on a couple of occasions for the awards Ameripolitan that are awarded in the United States, in fact she has been at the award ceremony in Texas and Tennessee, you can contact her on my behalf without any real problem.

Your email is:

Nothing more, really it has been a real pleasure, but everything in this life has an end and my program goes to a better life.

Thank you very much and goodbye.


Alberto Basarte

Blue Moon Kentucky
Your program of traditional country, western swing,

outlaw, rockabilly and honky tonk."