Pete Nightingale
I have been a DJ/Radio Presenter since the 60's where I started on Land based pirate radio stations and in disco clubs around London.
In the 70's I was still working in Disco clubs and doing agent work for the odd outside broadcasts for radio stations and during that time for 4 years I was doing Hostpital Radio.
In the late 70's I was a DJ/Compère in a night club where the acts were groups from the 60's & 70's including Bonnie Tyler and comedy groups such as Paper Lace, Russ Abbot & the Black Abbots etc.
I left the industry during the 80's and returned in 2005 working for Coastal FM where I stayed for over 5 years doing the breakfast show & outside work for the station.
Since 2016 I have continually done weekend shows introducing the English service on RNI and I am currently still with them.